The Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) requires Google Cloud Platform services to support their important applications that will be accessed by 16 million students throughout Indonesia and to execute the digital transformation and related digital workload of the institution.


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology is responsible for organizing government development programs in the sector of education, culture, research, and technology. The institution is currently working on issues such as academic achievement, the working conditions of teachers, and education funding.


By choosing Google Cloud Platform Technology, Elitery provides the reliability and the security of all the ministry’s applications without any significant problems. We are grateful for the flexibility, elasticity, and scalability of the Google Cloud which affects cost-effectiveness.

The work units that benefit from this initiative are DIKTI, Puspresnas, Puspendik as well digital platforms that can deploy and maintain operations in accordance with the planned service level agreement. With this partnership project, the digital transformation process at the ministry can be accelerated, even some applications can be deployed just within 4 days to be used by more than 16 million students.



Elitery successfully provided server infrastructure using a computer engine with auto-scaling to facilitate the civil servant candidate to complete the exam smoothly without any technical problem in a short time frame. The services included monitoring, troubleshooting, and consulting with the application team during the project. The infrastructure building services enables the optimization of the application during a high data input traffic.

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