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Kementerian PUPR

Kementerian PUPR

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing needs qualified partner who are competent in managing all important cloud-based applications in supporting and increasing the work productivity of the employees of the Ministry of PUPR. The previous on -premise application had a risk when a disaster or system error occurred, it resulted in inefficient productivity and… Read more »

Bappeda Tuban

Bappeda Tuban

The Regional Development Research and Development Planning Agency (Bappeda Tuban) and the Tuban Regency Communication and Information Office aims to increase efficiency and productivity of Data and Information Analysis of Regional Development Planning which requires a reliable and ideal IT Infrastructure.  The availability of reliable statistics and data is one of the keys to the… Read more »

Diskominfos Bali

  Bali Provincial Government Communication, Informatics and Statistics Department (Diskominfos Bali) requires a reliable and centralized IT Infrastructure to manage all applications and systems owned by the Bali Provincial Government to improve public services. The condition of the on premise data center service that is owned has not been able to support 24/7 when accessed… Read more »

Puspendik Kemendikbud ANBK

Puspendik Kemendikbud ANBK

  The Assessment and Learning Center is an organizational unit of the Research and Development Agency and Books under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. The unit has the task to carry out the preparation of technical policies, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of the implementation of education. Highlights Elitery implement and set… Read more »


The Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) requires Google Cloud Platform services to support their important applications that will be accessed by 16 million students throughout Indonesia and to execute the digital transformation and related digital workload of the institution. Highlights The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology is responsible for… Read more »

Puspendik Kemendikbud SKB

  Elitery successfully provides server infrastructure using a computer engine with auto-scaling to facilitate the civil servant candidate to complete the exam smoothly without any technical problem in a short time frame. The infrastructure building services enables the optimization of the application during high data input traffic.  Highlights The Assessment and Learning Center of the… Read more »

Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal

Managed Service BKPM

BKPM is the main link between the business world and the government. BKPM is mandated to encourage direct investment, both from within the country and abroad, through the creation of a conducive investment climate. The infrastructure provided by BKPM for storing, exchanging, managing, and processing data needs a safe and efficient infrastructure solution that is… Read more »


Cloud infrastructure

In order to support the training held by BPPTIK, Kominfo makes use of the Learning management system application, to support the event the Kominfo BPPTIK team requires sufficient Cloud infrastructure. As BPPTIK’s carrying out competency tests and competency certification in the field of ICT grow. Learning management system application is needed to support and maintain… Read more »