Several startup companies has shaken the market. Many large companies began unmatched by startup company’s presence even though they are like small children who are just learning to walk. Startup companies already benefit digital transformation. The need for digital transformation has grown in all industries and businesses today.

Business Competition in the Age of Digital Transformation

Technology brings a shift change Market Behavior. More consumers tend to perform digital transactions. This aligned with Ministry of Communications and Informatics Rudiantara’s narrative states that e-commerce transaction value in 2017 will Grow Approximately 30% to 40%. In 2016, online transaction value reached around Rp. 80 Trillion. This means, in 2017, online transaction value will reach around Rp. 115 trillion. Up to Rp. 123 Trillion.

digital transformation roadmap

2016 momentum has passed. The potential of the online market continues to erode the market share of conventional. This is where a lot of startup companies who take these portions in 2016. They (startup company) has managed to bring innovation on the path to digital transformation. Like fishing, they had spread their nets in advance. Your company can also benefit digital transformation and even greater potential.

digital transformation momentum

Companies that have adopted digital transformation can be superior in speed of fulfilling market demand. In addition, Internet users are also has more less time to visit an outlet to buy their needs. This needs to change immediately in response to companies who still want to survive or become a market leader. Because, if you do then your competitors will!

Benefits of Digital Transformation From Operational Point of View

Digital transformation in addition to covering innovation, also include automation of routine work. For example, to create customer invoice who previously performed manually, with the digital transformation this task can be done by the consumer from ordering or purchasing process. This is in addition to save time for cashier staff, also can avoid errors in an invoice.

In terms of accounting, digital transformation can create financial statements with the simplest way up to more complex needs. HyperLedger technology is being prepared by a global community. This technology can be a better platform for financial reporting and SmartContract. This means, bookkeeping and procurement staff in your company will be more easy to do the job.

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Orchestration and automation on the network and the data center is also part of the digital transformation. It is very necessary to strengthen your business operations. Network automation can save your IT staff time, so they can do more important tasks which add value to your business.

In addition to saving time, of course, digital transformation can save much costs. However, efficiency is not a sole purpose of digital transformation. The main purpose of digital transformation is always to be able to deliver services faster and better for customers and facilitate agile operations for your employees. Other digital transformation advantage to your business operations is, you can have a 24×7 business with lower costs.

Finally, in addition to increased revenue, your business will gain a superior competitive value. Therefore, the digital transformation can further strengthen your business. At this point the advantages of digital transformation can already be seen to your business.

Digital is main reason half of companies on Fortune 500 have disappeared since year 2000.

Our Suggestion to C-Level

Digital transformation is a long-term strategy. Need careful planning and strategy and must supported by a strong IT infrastructure. If you do not support the IT infrastructure to digital transformation, we can deliver solid IT infrastructure that can support the ongoing digital transformation process in your company. By using our managed IT services which supported by an IT infrastructure that have international standards, your company can save much on capital expenditure.

Elitery has experienced both locally in Indonesia and in several other countries in supporting the digital transformation process in many medium and large companies. Please contact us for further information and questions, our team will be glad contact you back.