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Apa Itu Ransomware dan 6 Cara Mencegah Ransomware

Pada era digital saat ini, penggunaan internet dalam segala sektor sangatlah meningkat, dimana semua aktivitas kerja, bisnis dan usaha bahkan hingga pendidikan dilakukan menggunakan internet. Dengan meningkatnya aktivitas internet, pengguna internet harus mewaspadai meningkatnya cyber attack dalam bentuk aktivitas ransomware. Jangan kuatir ya, artikel ini akan membahas secara detail. *Baca sampai habis ya! Apa Itu… Read more »

An Ideal Data Backup In The Ransomware Attack Case

An Ideal Data Backup In The Ransomware Attack Case

Lately in the news media many presenting the news about Ransomware WansCRYpt0 attacks. KOMINFO responded directly in the same day when an attack comes with tips to overcome that kind of cyber attacks. One of solution is by performing data backup, but if the backup data is still infected with ransomware it will be difficult… Read more »

Disaster Recovery as a Solutions to Overcome Ransomware

Solutions to Overcome ransomware

In today’s digital age, many employees and customers interact with your IT infrastructure using their own devices. This is known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This brings its own concerns, which the malware, phishing and ransomware can infiltrate your system. The attack will surely make IT leaders heads become dizzy, especially if ransomware locking… Read more »