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Di Tengah Pandemi, Selalu lakukan antisipasi dan mitigasi bencana dengan DRC bersama Elitery

selalu lakukan antisipasi bencana

Di tengah masa pandemi yang tidak menentu ini, untuk menghindari resiko pencurian data, banyak perusahaan yang telah melakukan penyimpanan atas semua aset dan operasional bisnis mereka ke komputasi awan atau cloud computing karena penyimpanan tersebut jauh lebih aman dari pada penyimpanan data secara konvensional. Namun selain untuk menghadapi persaingan bisnis secara digital, para pelaku bisnis… Read more »

Ensuring Your DR Plan Will Run Smoothly on Critical Event

Ensuring Your DR Plan Works on Critical Event

The IT professionals and corporate leaders may take lessons from Irene Hurricane events in the United States. Many companies have not yet to put experts as a ‘gatekeeper’ during a downtime. This brought on the current conditions, where now some states in the US frozen. In such difficult situation, the company should be able to… Read more »

Disaster Recovery as a Solutions to Overcome Downtime

A growing number of corporate leaders who recognize the importance of maintaining uptime keep incraeasing. When talking about how to prevent and deal with downtime, there is no silver bullet for this. Unless your company has a backup server that is always standby to deal with downtime incident. In addition to routine directed maintenance, Disaster… Read more »