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Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal

Managed Service BKPM

BKPM is the main link between the business world and the government. BKPM is mandated to encourage direct investment, both from within the country and abroad, through the creation of a conducive investment climate. The infrastructure provided by BKPM for storing, exchanging, managing, and processing data needs a safe and efficient infrastructure solution that is… Read more »


Cloud infrastructure

In order to support the training held by BPPTIK, Kominfo makes use of the Learning management system application, to support the event the Kominfo BPPTIK team requires sufficient Cloud infrastructure. As BPPTIK’s carrying out competency tests and competency certification in the field of ICT grow. Learning management system application is needed to support and maintain… Read more »

Elitery Bekerjasama Dengan AWS Untuk Mengelola Infrastruktur Cloud Bisnis Anda

Menghadapi revolusi industri 4.0, Elitery terus meningkatkan kualitas produk dengan menggandeng beberapa partner teknologi dan managed service yang terpercaya dan aman, salah satunya ialah AWS (Amazon Web Service). Kenapa Elitery memilih AWS sebagai partner managed cloud servicenya? Sebelum menjawab pertanyaan tersebut, Anda perlu tahu secara singkat tentang AWS. Amazon Web Services (AWS) adalah platform cloud… Read more »