Senior Engineer

Senior Engineer


  1. 1. Develop and implement technical efforts to build and deploy AWS and GCP solutions
  2. 2. Participate in all aspects of the infrastructure and software development  life cycle for AWS and GCP solutions
  3. 3. Troubleshoot incidents, identify root causes, fix and document problems, and implement preventive measures
  4. 4. Educate teams on the implementation of new cloud-based initiatives, providing associated training as required
  5. 5. Employ exceptional problem-solving skills, with the ability to see and solve issues before they affect business productivity

Required Skills and Qualifications

  1. 1. 3+ years of experience architecting, designing, developing, and implementing cloud solutions on AWS and GCP
  2. 2. Experience with the five pillars of a well-architected frameworks
  3. 3. Experience in several of the following areas: Compute, Network, Storage. For database architecture, ETL, business intelligence, big data, machine learning, and advanced analytics are a plus
  4. 4. Proven ability to collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams of business analysts, developers, and subject matter experts
  5. 5. Has the basic scripting knowledge to automate the machine, egg shell, python, etc.?
  6. 6. Experience on Linux command line and building a webserver
  7. 7. AWS and GCP certifications are a plus
  8. 8. Knowledge of web services, API, REST, and RPC is a plus

If you qualify interested, please send your CV to [email protected] with the subject: Name_Senior Engineer