General Affairs Specialist

Qualifications :

  • Female, 19-22 years old.
  • High School or Fresh Graduate.
  • Ability to work with a computer, Google docs and MS Words, etc,
  • Understand and can communicate in English
  • Responsibilities:
  • Make transportation and accommodation reservations for officials/employees who will perform tasks outside the city/country.
  • Procurement of stationery and other work tools, and all the operational needs of the Company
    Take care of the maintenance and cleanliness of the office environment, including parking lots, buildings, warehouses, etc
  • Record Company and Project assets, document them, and be responsible for the existence and condition of these assets.
  • Recapitulation and reimbursement report
  • Responsible for the delivery of Elitery assets both in the country and abroad
  • Responsible for the provider needs that are required by Elitery
  • Manage security employees from an outsourcing company

*Please, Send your CV to [email protected]