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We successfully managed members of IDX to perform cost efficiency on brokerage DR IT Infrastructure and to simplify brokerage DR process. More than 80 satisfied financial institutions in Indonesia using Elitery DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service).

Here are the testimonies Elitery DRaaS users for your reference.

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“DraaS from Elitery really helps us in building a quality and fast BCP. They also consulted us in building a compliant BCP.

In implementing and testing BCP, Elitery team is also very responsive and helpful. And Elitery also continues to develop itself with various certificates such as PCI-DSS, Acronis, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, where it supports our belief in continuing to use Elitery. ”

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“We have implemented Elitery DRaaS technology and we test twice mock trading, and the results have met the standard operating feasibility of stocks market members including order, buy, sell, amend, withdraw, and negotiation. DRaaS is also able to access KSEI and KPEI. This DRaaS system is very helpful for stock exchange members operational continuity in the event of a disaster / damage in our main site system at a reasonable cost. ”

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“Elitery DRaaS really helps our company to comply to have BCP in accordance with regulator specified standards. With competitive pricing compared to having our own data center, no hardware and software license investment required, no need to be confused about maintenance of hardware, software and network damage and without reducing the services we provide to our clients. Elitery DRaaS solution is perfect for our company.”

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Member of Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) is a securities broker companies who has obtained business license from OJK and IDX to have the rights to use the system of Indonesia Stock Exchange in accordance with the rules of IDX in conducting exchange transactions.

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  • Member of IDX need to comply with IDX regulation for Disaster Recovery Center
  • Migrate the DR from colocation services to Disaster Recovery as a Services (DRaaS) on Cloud

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We managed brokerage Disaster Recovery IT infrastructure (Stock Exchange Private WAN, server on cloud application, communication with IDX IT Team)

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“We’ve tried DRaaS on Mock Trading some time ago. The result is very good, stable, VPN easily connected without any significant constraints. Easy to implement, compatibility and reliability both at competitive prices. And to be sure, support by Elitery team is sprightly and precisely so it is very easy for users. Elitery DRaaS is perfect for our company.”

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“DraaS solutions provided by Elitery are very helpful to our company in meeting the needs of the BCP that has been determined.

No need for hardware and software investment makes our company do not need to spend excessive cost and reduce maintenance. Elitery DraaS is the best solution for BCP. ”

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“As a CTO at the fintech company one of the requirements of OJK that main server and DRC server must be in Indonesia, Elitery answered my needs.

With its good service and data center with Tier III level makes me believe to entrust danakoo’s data security and smooth application in Elitery’s server, along with troubleshooting and monitoring support for infrastructure on danakoo’s main data center and disaster recovery center. ”

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“Elitery DRaaS really helps us comply to have BCP in accordance with the standards specified by BEI.

No major initial investment required, no need for dizzy maintenance of hardware so Elitery DRaaS solution is perfect for our company.”

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Downtime may hit Your business anytime with huge costs consequences and and can damage your business reputation. You can prevent this from now on.

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“We’ve tried the DRaaS technology offered by Elitery, with JONEC Development connection, so far run smoothly and can perform transaction activities. Recovery process and restore by using Acronis, very okay, because applying Full Backup Server as a whole. Currently, the VPN is given also have access to KSEI and KPEI. ”

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Preventing Your Business from a Nightmare