One stop ATM Security Solution, provides end-to-end services for detection and protection  against physical violation or intrusion with multiple methods of protection and monitoring  using sensors, video analytics, RFID technology and machine learning.

The CCTVs are monitoring your ATM, but what monitors and ensures the CCTVs are working as intended? No integrated management and real time CCTV monitoring system, manual data collection, no ability to retrieve file online or view live stream due to high bandwidth usage are the common problem on most of the CCTV installed on ATM booth or room.

Environmental conditions of the ATM booth or room also become critical in banking sector due to increase of vandalism and fraud. There are dozens of monitoring solution for ATM hardware, but lack of environment monitoring solution in the marketplace.


All in Solution

Our system is secured and protected in every layer from monitoring
until the video file itself, encrypted using PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).



CCTV monitoring to ensure installed CCTVs are working as intended.
CCTV data collection online with low bandwidth for faster complaint handling.
CCTV data analysis with computer vision technology to support to work efficiency and accucary.
benefits elivison