ELIVAULT is a secure, cost-effective service that provides data backup for your business. In the event of disaster, ELIVAULT will restore your data to a previous state as backups and keep them for long-term retention. By implementing ELIVAULT, your mission-critical data is safeguarded so that you can operate your business with a peace of mind.

Did you know that 94% of companies that experience data loss do not recover? Your company data is the heartbeat of your business. Without a backup, your business will be at a huge risk.

As part of a backup plan, your company data is securely stored at an offsite location. Once it’s set up, your data is saved automatically as it streams in. No need to save, label, and track your data manually. In order to ensure security, data integrity, and client confidentiality, all your company data will be encrypted.

ELIVAULT Backup as a Service

We safeguard mission-critical data and to ensure business continuity. And restore your peace of mind!



    The benefit of ELIVAULT let you to concentrate on your works without worrying about data loss.


    We provide our BaaS across multiple replication site in the minimum tier III Data Centers.


    ELIVAULT backup data solution using encryption AES-256, protected with password and can only be accessed by account owner.


    ELIVAULT can be less expensive and budget-friendly as compared to cost of external storage devices.


    IT department no longer need to worry about manually backing up. ELIVAULT backup your data automated and scheduled to save your time.