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Elitery Berhasil Meraih Sertifikasi PCI DSS V.3.2

sertifikasi pci dss elitery data center

Banyaknya kejadian pelanggaran data telah menyebabkan bisnis kehilangan reputasi dan kepercayaan selain daripada kerugian finansial. Pelanggaran data banyak disebut bersumber dari lemahnya pengendalian pada penggunaan jasa pihak ketiga. Menjawab tantangan tersebut, Elitery telah berhasil meraih sertifikasi PCI DSS versi 3.2.

Elitery Partnership with Fujitsu For DRaaS Cloud Solutions

ELitery Fujitsu Indonesia DRaaS Cloud Solutions

To enhance Elitery’s service quality and to give better solution to our clients, in 2016 Elitery is partnering with Fujitsu Indonesia to provide cloud solution. PT. Fujitsu Indonesia has a vision to be a leading company in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Solution Provider in Indonesia. Similar to Elitery, Fujitsu has also certified with ISO 9001:2008, this means our quality management system has comply… Read more »

Docker sebagai Platform Kontainerisasi yang Memberikan Efisiensi

platform docker kontainerisasi yang membawa efisiensi

Docker is one of open platform under the Apache License version 2.0 for sysadmins, developers, or anyone who has a goal to use the platform to build, distribute, and run the application anywhere. Starting from the data center, laptop, virtual machine, or a cloud. Docker Platform enables application packaging process and its components in isolated… Read more »

Disaster Recovery as a Services (DRaaS)

disaster recovery services solutions

Commonly, companies think that using Direct Backup or Disaster Recovery services is same as buying health insurance. They haven’t feel the importance of the services when the machine still run smoothly until one day  a serious problem occurs and it costs even much more expensive to fix it or even lost their revenue. Disaster Recovery… Read more »

Optimize your IT Infrastructure with Elitery!

elitery docker indonesia

We are proud to announce you that Elitery has officially registered as a Docker Partner Member! Docker is an open-source container technology that allows you to build, test, and deploy distributed applications inside an isolated environment. Docker provides lightweight virtualization with almost zero overhead. With Docker you can absolutely Optimize your IT Infrastructure by eliminating… Read more »

Data Center Operator Association of Indonesia ~ IDPRO Launched

asosiasi data center indonesia ~ IDPRO

Jakarta, June 22, 2016. The last few years Indonesia data center industry is growing very rapidly. Along with the number of users continues to increase, the need for quality data center in Indonesia also increased. Responding to this, some organizers of the data center in Indonesia, DCI, Elitery, GTN, NTT Indonesia Nexcenter, Telkomsigma, and XL… Read more »

Indonesia Data Center Provider Organization Established

Elitery CEO signing commitment letter to establish Indonesia Data Center Provider Organization (IDPRO)

The last few years Indonesia data center industry grew rapidly with 2 digit growth percentage. Along with the number of internet users continues to increase, the need for quality data center in Indonesia also increased. Responding to this issue, a group of data center provider and academia in Indonesia inaugurated the establishment of the association of the… Read more »