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Rumah Siap Kerja

Rumah Siap Kerja (RSK) is a socially motivated startup that wants to tackle unemployment by fostering youth development. It provides a one stop hub and platform for the youth to explore career opportunities and self development. As RSK’s members grow in significant number, dynamic websites and mobile applications are necessary to support and maintain all… Read more »

Bakmi GM

Bakmi GM

Bakmi GM operates under the parent company PT Griya Mie Sejati. Established in 1959, today Bakmi GM has branched out to more than 40 outlets around Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. Bakmi GM is known for its authentic noodle dishes and serve more than 30.000 customers per day on their outlets, delivery service and also food… Read more »

Petrogas Basin Ltd

RH Petrogas Basin Ltd (RHP) engages in the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas resources. Aspired to be a leading independent oil and gas company in the region, RHP continues to explore more opportunities to strengthen its position in the energy sector. Objectives After working on new developments, RHP currently has a total… Read more »



As one of the global fortune 500 multinational consumer good companies, Unilever is very well known worldwide. Indonesia becomes the second largest market in the world after India. Unilever’s products are designed to meet everyday needs, which include foods, beverages, cleaning agents, and personal care. Objectives With over 800 distributor warehouses spread around Indonesia, Unilever… Read more »



  KasPro is a financial technology (fintech) company that provides online payment services, which have enabled billions of people and millions of merchants to buy and sell online. Today, KasPro has branched out around the world, including Indonesia. Objectives In order to provide fintech services in Indonesia, KasPro must comply with Bank Indonesia regulation, especially… Read more »


KiosTix is an Indonesian entertainment ticket portal company that provides a range of services such as ticket management, marketing, to the provision of event support facilities. Established in 2012, today KiosTix has hosted more than 300 events and sold over 2 million tickets for various events including music, sports, and festivals. Objectives In order to… Read more »

digima ASIA

Founded in 2016, digima ASIA has created various digital innovations using up-to-date technology to provide benefits to their partners and clients. Despite being a new company, in a long-term digima ASIA strives to make more people learn using innovative digital learning platforms and its content. Objectives digima ASIA needed to build a proper cloud-based IT… Read more »

Member of Indonesia Stock Exchange

As a securities broker company, Anggota Bursa or members of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has obtained a legal business license from OJK and IDX to utilize the system of IDX in conducting the exchange transactions. Objectives In order to conduct the exchange transactions, members of IDX needed to comply with IDX regulation for the… Read more »