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An Ideal Data Backup In The Ransomware Attack Case

An Ideal Data Backup In The Ransomware Attack Case

Lately in the news media many presenting the news about Ransomware WansCRYpt0 attacks. KOMINFO responded directly in the same day when an attack comes with tips to overcome that kind of cyber attacks. One of solution is by performing data backup, but if the backup data is still infected with ransomware it will be difficult… Read more »

Digitalization of Banking Services Requires Devops Method

devops method for digital banking innovations

In today’s fintech era, banking services will become increasingly varied. Blockchain and hyperledger technology can make banking services faster, more convenient, more efficient and cheaper for everyone. This will require continuous innovation to pursue competitive advantage. DevOps method known to overcome IT difficulties, so the bank institution should implement its collaboration culture. Innovation in banking services… Read more »

The Importance of Using DRC Host to Overcome Downtime

The Importance of Using DRC Host to Overcome Downtime

In today’s modern life, a business system that can continue on without stopping access both by customers and internal party company, has become a necessity. Competition in the financial era fintech and digital transformation process that a lot of companies, making many business systems faced with an enormous challenge. Therefore, implementing Disaster Recovery Plan and… Read more »

Disaster Recovery as a Solutions to Overcome Ransomware

Solutions to Overcome ransomware

In today’s digital age, many employees and customers interact with your IT infrastructure using their own devices. This is known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This brings its own concerns, which the malware, phishing and ransomware can infiltrate your system. The attack will surely make IT leaders heads become dizzy, especially if ransomware locking… Read more »

How Strong Your Fintech Application Security?

How Strong Your Fintech Application Security

Fintech community in the world along side each other. They have poured bigger funds to enhance cyber security. So IT Pro’s which have a common goal of productivity and positive optimism, can help each other in order to fight against phishing. Therefore, it is important to detect phishing sites or through other channels, such as… Read more »

Benefits of Digital Transformation From Operational Point of View

Digital Transformation Benefits from Operational Side

Several startup companies has shaken the market. Many large companies began unmatched by startup company’s presence even though they are like small children who are just learning to walk. Startup companies already benefit digital transformation. The need for digital transformation has grown in all industries and businesses today. Business Competition in the Age of Digital Transformation… Read more »

Several Cyber Attacks Types On Fintech Banking Services

Beberapa Jenis Serangan Cyber Pada Layanan Perbankan Fintech

In this digital era, massive cyber attacks to financial institutions are increasing significantly. FinTech banking services as one of the most rapidly growing sector, had becoming the main target of attacks. Starting with DDoS attack that can bring the whole system down, up to the phishing techniques which resulted in loss of  customer funds and… Read more »

Disaster Recovery for Banking Industries in a FinTech Era

Disaster Recovery for Banking Industries in a FinTech Era

FinTech is the buzzword in Indonesia banking industry for the past one year. Financial Technology is an integral part of financial enterprises digital transformation to improve customer service. In addition, with higher demand for innovation, banking company will have stronger competitive value in the market. Therefore, the needs for disaster recovery in any banking company… Read more »