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Digitalization of Banking Services Requires Devops Method

devops method for digital banking innovations

In today’s fintech era, banking services will become increasingly varied. Blockchain and hyperledger technology can make banking services faster, more convenient, more efficient and cheaper for everyone. This will require continuous innovation to pursue competitive advantage. DevOps method known to overcome IT difficulties, so the bank institution should implement its collaboration culture. Innovation in banking services… Read more »

Network Automation Approach Using DevOps

devops network automation

As we know before in the era of digital transformation which is growing rapidly, companies increasingly need to be able to faster time into the market. As banking business with Fintech (Financial Technology) industry needed to compete in the market, this requires reliable information technology support. Information technology companies today must be able to support… Read more »

What is DevOps All About ?

What is DevOps All About

What DevOps means can be different for each organization and practitioners. In general, DevOps can mean ‘breaking-silos’ of operations section and the development section. DevOps put them in same degree to supply cycle updates or changes. Thus, DevOps is a working pattern that is applied to part Dev and Ops can collaborate in the system development. So… Read more »

Overcome System Difficulties with DevOps

mengatasi kesulitan sistem dengan DevOps

DevOps is a culture of working within the IT environment which can bring a significant influence on the development of IT systems. Structurized way of working is required in the era of digital transformation which rapidly changing. Innovation of new features to improve the service for your business is an important thing to do, even… Read more »