Puspendik Kemendikbud SKB

The Assessment and Learning Center is an organizational unit of the Research and Development Agency and Books under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. The unit has the task to carry out the preparation of technical policies, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of the implementation of education.


Elitery implement and set up reliable infrastructure, good scalability and latency solutions with the flexibility of Google Cloud. We manage the high traffic very well and successfully carries out the Computer-based National Assessment (ANBK) event.


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology held a national-scale exam which was accessed by more than 300.000 concurrent users. Meanwhile, they has complex applications and the current IT Infrastructure unable to handle such traffic. They need professionals to migrate their system to Public Cloud as well as building reliable infrastructure and good scalability to serve the national-scale exam event.



We Implement and set up reliable infrastructure, good scalability and latency solutions to help the client in improving the application to serve a huge number of concurrent users and maintain the high traffic. One of the Google services that enable this improvement is Google Load Balancing which helped to balance the huge traffic to the group of servers.


Elitery successfully provided server infrastructure using a computer engine with auto-scaling to facilitate the civil servant candidate to complete the exam smoothly without any technical problem in a short time frame. The services included monitoring, troubleshooting, and consulting with the application team during the project. The infrastructure building services enables the optimization of the application during a high data input traffic.

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