Kementerian PUPR

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing needs qualified partner who are competent in managing all important cloud-based applications in supporting and increasing the work productivity of the employees of the Ministry of PUPR. The previous on -premise application had a risk when a disaster or system error occurred, it resulted in inefficient productivity and it took a long time for system maintenance and upgrades. This is the main reason PUPR chose Elitery to manage and migrate important applications at the Ministry of PUPR using the Google Cloud Platform.


The Ministry of Public Works and Housing of the Republic of Indonesia is the Ministry within the Indonesian Government who is in charge of public works and public housing provision. Their vision is “The Realization of Reliable Public Works and Housing Infrastructure in Support of a Sovereign, Independent, and Personalized Indonesia Based on Mutual Cooperation.” The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing is under and responsible to the President.


The role of the cloud as the epicenter of industry 4.0 has now become very substantial. According to the trends and needs of industry 4.0 adoption, especially Cloud Technology, it has proven to be very helpful for effectiveness and efficiency in work. This encourages the Ministry of PUPR RI in managing 20 applications that are used internally by The Ministry of Public Works and Housing and for the public to migrate using Cloud technology which has the reliable infrastructure for improving the service quality.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing needs a Managed Cloud Service Provider who performs reliable, experienced, and professional qualification in managing the Cloud journey starting from migration, API implementation, security implementation (high-level system security), system integration, cloud scalability, and others. The need for collaboration with project management is because The Ministry of Public Works and Housing IT team has difficulty handling data integration, maintaining uptime, and high-quality public services 24/7 without stopping.



By using the Google Cloud Platform managed by Elitery, now important applications used by The Ministry of Public Works and Housing no longer experience downtime and have high-performance IT infrastructure and high capabilities to execute larger workflows more efficiently and systematically. In addition, the agility and flexibility of the technology are the things that The Ministry of Public Works and Housing considers to be extraordinary. This combination improves the quality of public services which aims to facilitate access to applications that are used publicly and internally by agencies.

When The Ministry of Public Works and Housing started its journey with Elitery on the Google Cloud Platform, as many as 20 applications migrated using Cloud technology and provided an extraordinary digital transformation. This collaboration provides many benefits, starting from cost efficiency, full support, training, and making it easier for The Ministry of Public Works and Housing to add cloud services as needed quickly in a matter of minutes. Elitery is very proud and grateful for this productive collaboration.


Now, Elitery and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are an important part of the strategic IT blueprint at The Ministry of Public Works and Housing. Once implemented, the Google Cloud Platform solution can easily manage response times for critical applications. Overall, Elitery and GCP provide high productivity and cost-efficiency.

Elitery is an IT Managed Services and Managed Cloud company that has become an official partner of Google Cloud in Indonesia, especially in the Public Sector. Elitery has years of experience in managing the Cloud and is supported by a professional IT team and has an International certificate in the Cloud field. We have supported and accelerated digital transformation in many companies and agencies through Cloud technology that is tailored accordingly to the needs of our customers. Trust all your business cloud needs with Elitery, the expert in Managed Cloud.

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