Elitery Data Center Building Specifications

Keeping invaluable data safe and secure requires sophisticated hi-tech facilities. We go the extra mile to make sure your assets are protected with the latest, most reliable and cutting-edge technology. Your security is at the top of our priority list as we provide nothing but the best and well-equipped data center for your business. Here are our data center building specifications.

elitery data center building specifications

We designed each floor with un-parallel safety and security features to ensure data protection from any hazardous situation.

Data Center Floor Structure

Data Center Floor

  • Gross Area: 1,320 m2 (13,200 ft2)
  • Gross Raised Floor: 1,140 m2 (11,400 ft2)


  • Data Center floor loading of 1 ton
  • Reinforced Concrete Floor with Fire and Water Resistance applied Floor
  • 5 meters slabs to slabs Height Flooring
  • 0.8 meter high 1 ton Raised floor with anti static tiles
  • Dual Feed Chilled water pipe on ring topology Under Raised Floor
  • Dual Feed Zonning Power Distribution System Under Raised Floor
  • Pre Action FM 200 Above & Under Raised Floor
  • Smoke, Heat & water Detection system above & Under Raised
  • Redundant Dual Coil CRAC Parameter Cooling
  • Separated Utility from Datacenter Floor
  • State of the art Access Door System
  • State of the art CCTV and Surveillance System

Elitery Data Center Building Structure

elitery data center building structure

[Gross Area: 5,000 m2  (50,000 ft2)

  • Integrated Building Management System
  • Concurrently Maintainable Building
  • Multiple Separated M&E Rooms with redundant AHU units
  • Dual Redundancy Chilled Water System
  • Dual Redundancy Cooling Tower System
  • Dual Redundancy Pump System
  • Special Design Diesel Generators Room
  • 216.000 Liters Diesel Tanks
  • 100,000 Liters makeup Water Tanks
  • 100,000 Liters Hydrant Water Tanks
  • 100,000 Liters Ground Water Tanks
  • Reinforced Concrete Structure building with Fire resistance walls
  • Earthquake Resistance Building up to 8.5 Richter Scale
  • 5.0 m slab to slab height
  • Column spacing primarily based on 7 and 8.5m grid
  • Bomb, Bullet and Quake resistance window
  • Dual Separated and compartment Raisers
  • Passenger/Cargo Lift 1600 kg (2×2 meters internal dimension)
  • Positive Air Intake Building

From a series of plans and strategic planning, as well as the selection of an appropriate location for building a data center, Elitery can be the best partner of your company disaster mitigation solutions.