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20Aug 2017
Transformasi digital sektor perhotelan
Transformasi Digital Sektor Perhotelan Merupakan Kebutuhan

Pada era digital sekarang ini, sektor perhotelan mengalami kondisi yang sama dengan bisnis lainnya. Kecepatan dalam melakukan inovasi dan integrasi merupakan kunci dari transformasi...

08Aug 2017
Digitalisasi Perbankan Retail : Peluang dan Tantangan
Peluang dan Tantangan Pada Digitalisasi Retail Banking

Perbankan merupakan pusat transaksi ekonomi. Perkembangan teknologi informasi membawa banyak perubahan dan pergeseran. Kesuksesan bisnis sekarang ini lebih banyak dipengaruhi dalam seberapa cepat perusahaan...

30Jun 2017
Strengthen Hospital Information System
How to Strengthen Hospital Information System?

A month ago two hospitals in Indonesia were hit by ransomware attacks that made their services stopped. Cyber attacks impact on the hospital business...

24Mar 2017
Hosting DRC to overcome Downtime
The Importance of Using DRC Host to Overcome Downtime

In today’s modern life, a business system that can continue on without stopping access both by customers and internal party company, has become a...

16Mar 2017
Solutions to Overcome ransomware
Disaster Recovery as a Solutions to Overcome Ransomware

In today’s digital age, many employees and customers interact with your IT infrastructure using their own devices. This is known as Bring Your Own...

09Mar 2017
How Strong Your Fintech Application Security?
How Strong Your Fintech Application Security?

Fintech community in the world along side each other. They have poured bigger funds to enhance cyber security. So IT Pro’s which have a...

27Feb 2017
Digital Transformation Benefits from Operational Side
Benefits of Digital Transformation From Operational Point of View

Several startup companies has shaken the market. Many large companies began unmatched by startup company’s presence even though they are like small children who...

09Jan 2017
Disaster Recovery as a Solutions to Overcome Downtime
Disaster Recovery as a Solutions to Overcome Downtime

A growing number of corporate leaders who recognize the importance of maintaining uptime keep incraeasing. When talking about how to prevent and deal with...

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