As we know before in the era of digital transformation which is growing rapidly, companies increasingly need to be able to faster time into the market. As banking business with Fintech (Financial Technology) industry needed to compete in the market, this requires reliable information technology support. Information technology companies today must be able to support to conduct live testing, version control, code checking, logging, and so forth. These activities will consume infrastructure resources including network infrastructure. Without the development discipline in infrastructure management, certainly it can slowing your digital transformation activities and will run into problems when integrating to the whole systems. The problem can slow down the time takes for a new release. Deploying a new release to users is an important factor for competing in a modern business today. Network automation need different approach in DevOps environment.

Network Automation Approach Using DevOps

DevOps with the principle to produce consistency, measurement capabilities and perform an iterative process, can be used as a solution to overcome those problems.

Network With DevOps Automation Approach

Network automation is an integral part of the overall infrastructure automation. Companies can automate the network by using some software. If you are trying to manage network configuration simply by relying on a script from one vendor only, there is a possibility of error rates will be higher than you expect. This means you need automation to reduce errors and reduce the time spent on managing and configuring your network operations.

Emphasizes modern network architecture model of “self-service” that require workflow automation or orchestration. A DevOps approach can be used to formulate IT infrastructure orchestration for best practice. Orchestration on overall infrastructure requires good integration of the software and hardware used. This is because the workflow will involve setup and configuration on multiple different systems.

Network automation requires a lot of attention on the disciplines of application development as well as to understand the network. This is the reason why DevOps can be seen as “Infrastructure as Code“.

By implementing network operations automation using infrastructure as code, this will allow your network team to adopt DevOps approach. It can strengthen your DevOps culture across the line of your company.

DevOps is increasingly becoming an important part in data center automation. Not only because it can provide faster performance in many aspects, but DevOps also support the development of the entire region discipline that must be considered (orchestration).

Some Benefits of Using Network Automation

Efficiency in terms of cost and time as a primary benefit of network automation. Here are some of other benefits of network automation activities.

  • Eliminate repetitive tasks, your IT staff can focus on more valuable tasks.
  • Reducing the possibility of errors in each tasks.
  • Improving the viability of the consistency of configurations across multiple systems.
  • Makes scalability easier to do .
  • Increasing the speed of software delivery and deployment.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Elimination of dependence on individual staff members or teams.
  • Creates consistent environment with standardization which can remove failure.

After that, in addition to your cost and time efficiencies, the company’s network infrastructure will be more qualified. This means that your companies can better optimize existing infrastructure resources. And it would be easier to grow your infrastructure for the future.

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