Lately in the news media many presenting the news about Ransomware WansCRYpt0 attacks. KOMINFO responded directly in the same day when an attack comes with tips to overcome that kind of cyber attacks. One of solution is by performing data backup, but if the backup data is still infected with ransomware it will be difficult to do recovery. So, what is and ideal backup data in facing ransomware attacks?

An Ideal Data Backup In The Ransomware Attack Case

We need to underline this first, cyber ransomware is a malware that can stay for a while in your system. Ransomware is able to change the infected file with digital-sign in every 18 seconds, so the system which has not been updated can not detect the existence of this malware.

When your computer or network device locked by ransomware encryption, you will get a message to pay a ransom. Surely a quick step to overcome this is to re-install, patching, update the system and recover files or data. However, when data restored, it still possible that your system could be infected again by ransomware if any files still infected.

For that reason, and ideal data backup for this situation requires behavioral pattern recognition technology. The technology – which is used by Elitery DRaaS – can stop data replication when it detects any subtle behavioral changes that may be a typical of a ransomware virus.

Ideal Backup Technology Against Ransomware

This ideal data backup technology has become a popular advice from top practitioners in the world as an advanced security strategy in dealing with cyber threat such as ransomware. Usually only large companies with the ability to pour millions of dollars per month for disaster recovery can enjoy this facility.

With Disaster Recovery as a Service service, Elitery presents an ideal data backup solution for midsize companies. Of course, with this means SME business players can also enjoy the ideal data backup facilities as used by large companies. Thus, your business operations can still run even though there is a ransomware attacks globally.

Downtime Is A Further Disadvantage Of Ransomware Attacks

As reported by Indonesian television media, ransomware also attacks public services such as electronic ID card services, in addition attacking many hospitals. Besides Dharmais Cancer Hospital and Harapan Kita Heart Hospital, Ransomware also attack Multazam Hospital.

The impact of ransomware attacks is downtime. Corporate and government staff can not access their computers. Only appear ransom request messages from the attacker on their screen.

In terms of professionalism, downtime is unacceptable, whatever the reason is.

By using Elitery DRaaS, companies and governments can temporarily fail-over operations to Elitery DRaaS. Public services and patients can keep operate, while your IT team is trying to recover the system.

When the system recovered and cleaned from ransomware, data can be recovered to your main system under the best conditions, and then recover the whole systems. Fail-over will take 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on scale and bandwidth connection.

And of course, Elitery DRaaS cost if compared with downtime costs will be much smaller. It is a wise choice to consider by company leaders such as Rural Banks (BPR), Regional Development Banks (BPD) and Insurance Companies which are quite vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Elitery DRaaS uses an international data center infrastructure, with TIER III certification from the Uptime Institute and IT Security Management ISO 27001. Managed by experienced experts and internationally certified.

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