elitery docker partner member indonesia

We are proud to announce you that Elitery has officially registered as a Docker Partner Member!

Docker is an open-source container technology that allows you to build, test, and deploy distributed applications inside an isolated environment.

Docker provides lightweight virtualization with almost zero overhead. With Docker you can absolutely Optimize your IT Infrastructure by eliminating guest OS or Hypervisor and it’s licensing cost. You will also have a faster Software Release, Increase your Developer Productivity, Have Portable Applications and Reduce the amount of storage.

Here are some benefit of using Docker:

  • Docker is central to hybrid cloud strategies, enabling freedom of choice of on-premises, private and public environments.
  • Docker provides the software supply chain with agility, control and portability for app development.
  • Docker is delivering quantifiable improvements to application delivery through changing devops practices.
  • Docker enables micro service architecture delivery and the modernization of legacy monolithic apps.

Organizations are evaluating platforms based on their ability to provide flexibility, freedom and address the app life cycle for both development and IT operations teams.

So if you want to get above mentioned benefits, ELITERY is ready to assist you!