Jakarta, June 22, 2016. The last few years Indonesia data center industry is growing very rapidly. Along with the number of users continues to increase, the need for quality data center in Indonesia also increased. Responding to this, some organizers of the data center in Indonesia, DCI, Elitery, GTN, NTT Indonesia Nexcenter, Telkomsigma, and XL Axiata, backed by a group of academics from the Centre for Science and Technology of the University of Indonesia, agreed to formalize the establishment of the Association of Data Center Indonesia or Indonesia is also known as Data Center Provider organization (IDPRO). The inauguration of the association’s data center is marked by a press conference held at Menara Prima, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Wednesday (22/6).

asosiasi data center indonesia ~ IDPRO

Data Center Operator Association of Indonesia (IDPRO) launching: “Ready to Raise the Potential of Data Center Indonesia”

IDPRO formed to collect and coordinate all the potential that exists in the data center industry in this country in order to encourage the advancement of information and technology in Indonesia. IDPRO also as a means to support government programs related to this industry, especially within the scope of the implementation of the Government Regulation (PP) No. 82 in 2012 about Indonesia data sovereignty.

The Chairman of IDPRO, Prof.Dr.-Ing. Kalamullah Ramli said, “PP 82 Year 2012 has given way to the data center industry to grow more rapidly. Even so, there is still much work to be done. This is one reason why IDPRO formed. Through this association, the Data Center business people in Indonesia can be mutually supportive of one another, also facilitate coordination, both with government, investors, or fellow businessmen Data Center “.

In addition to being a container to provide quality services, IDPRO expected to support the creation of business opportunities Data Center management, through the provision of facilities and support services. IDPRO also expected to contribute in developing the industrial potential of Data Center Indonesia in the future, include the improvement of technology systems to the data center Indonesia standardization drafting as well as the certification of the professionals involved in it.

Elitery CEO at IDPRO

Our CEO Mr Hendra Suryakusuma is currently delivering the explanation regarding Data Center Industry in Indonesia, in IDPRO (Indonesia Data Center Provider Organization) Press Conference.

Hendra Suryakusuma, CEO, PT Data Sinergitama Jaya (Elitery), adding “Elitery as one of the founders IDPRO very much hope that the establishment of IDPRO can improve the quality of the data center in Indonesia, both in terms of infrastructure and also the team who run the operation in accordance with international standards to support governments and the private sector in growing and developing the digital economy.

In the future we will work with higher education institutions to assist the government in making policies and standards are based on research, he said.

Expected with the steps to be taken the association will increase the confidence of the government and also the private sector in using the services of a data center in Indonesia. Elitery itself will continue to focus on providing the best service in terms of managed services, data center consultation and colocation.

To become a member, IDPRO not put conditions difficult. Every business entity incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, and is engaged in the management of the service, or the provision of infrastructure including Cloud Data Center, already qualified to be a member of this association. In addition, IDPRO also open to government and educational institutions in their daily closely associated with the existing data center services. IDRPO also open up and invite professionals to join and contribute to the promotion of the industry in order to make Indonesia as the Biggest Digital Nation in the Region.

About Elitery Data Center

Elitery is the first certified TIER III data center in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) from the Uptime Institute and is also a consultant to Bank Indonesia data center, the Indonesia State Audit Agency and also KOMINFO (The Ministry of Communication and Information of Republic Indonesia).

Elitery positioning itself as an “IT infrastructure partner”, with SLA promising and experience as an IT provider for customers in and outside Indonesia from 2007.

Elitery Data Center located in Bogor also has obtained ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System), this is to ensure the best level of service provided to Elitery’s client.

Elitery hopes, as IT infrastructure partner who has a reliable team and become a reliable data center solutions that synergies to support the vision and mission IDPRO in encouraging the advancement of information technology and also government programs.